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May 28, 2024
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  2015 Legislation
  2014 Legislation
  Health Insurance Protection Bill (HIP) 2014
  2013 Legislation
  A7479 - Veterans Supplemental Military Retirement Allowances for Members of Public Retirement Systems in NYS
  Health Insurance Protection Bill S3627 / A902
  2013 Constitutional Convention Bills
  2013 Veterans Legislation
  2012 Legislation
  S4371 / A2007 Health Ins. Protection Legislation for 2012
  Constitutional Convention Bills!! 1-20-12
  NYS Pension News Articles
  Public pension politics must change!! 11-20-2012
  New York State's pension fund loses $7 billion in value, says Controller Thomas DiNapoli!! 11-20-2012
  $tate "takeover" 8-6-2012
  DiNapoli Names Chief Investment Officer for $150.3 Billion State Pension Fund!! 7-27-2012
  Despite Reforms, Retirement Costs For Governments Set To Skyrocket!! 3-24-12
  Pension madness in Albany!! 2-27-12
  Hidden pension costs!! 2-25-2012
  Pols pitch pricey pension sweetener!! 2-20-12
  N.Y. pensions are worth defending!! 2-22-12
  10 injured Newburgh ex-firefighters say pay was illegally cut!! 2-8-12
  Mayor nixes union plan to use reserve cash on wages instead of pension!! 2-4-12
  Judge ‘tiers’ apart 3% pension kick-in!! 1-28-2012
  Lawmakers side with unions against taxpayers!! 1-26-2012
  E.J. McMahon: A meaningful new try on pensions !! 1-20-12
  New York police, fire pension trustees propose rival management plan!! 1-20-20112
  Contribution cap among pension reform ideas!! 1-19-12
  NYC Actuary Recommends Lowered Return Rate for Pensions 1-12-12
  Don’t play games with NY pensions!! 12-21-11
  Cuomo’s challenge!!! 12-30-2011
  The Pension System Works!! 11-14-11
  More retirements by state workers, teachers in NY!! 11-1-11
  Westchester Medical Center, unions clash over projected layoffs!! 10-27-2011
  Big Apple pensions' return highest in 26 years!! 10-26-11
  New York City pension plan investment boards would consolidate under proposal!! 10-27-11
  Pension cost bulges from budget-paring incentives!! 10-24-11
  Top politicians will back NY casinos!! 9-19-2011
  Pension fund risks in wild market!! 8-19-11
  Let Gambling Grow? 8-15-2011
  Our View: State pension system still needs changes!! 7-`8-11
  Governor Cuomo's Tier 6: Memo of Support 2-11-2011
  Governor Cuomo Introduces Pension Refirm Legislation Tier - 6
  DiNapoli Proposal Will Catch Pension Abusers
  Abbate: Another tier? So Soon? 5-18-2011
  Millionaire teachers!! 5-19-2011
  Will Cuomo truly fix pensions!! 18-2011
  DiNapoli Proposal Will Catch Pension Abusers 5-18-2011
  Cuomo to Propose Changes to NYS Pension System!! 5-16-2011
  Gov's $93B retirement plan Tier 6
  Pension Pain: 4-24-11
  Blame it on the Pols!! 4-11-2011
  Don't Scapegoat Public Service Workers for Financial Woes! 3-19-11
  Pension System is Not Broken! 3-21-11
  New Tier 6 Plan!! March 3, 2011
  To Save the States
  Federal Legislation Allowing States to go Bankrupt!!
  Allowing States to go Bankrupt
  Alabama Town's Failed Pension is a Warning!!
  Pension Explosion 60 minutes 12-19-2010
  This bomb just stopped ticking!!!
  FDNY Reviews Disabled Retired FF's
  NYS & Local Retirement System 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  A $205 Billion Bomb!!
  Governor Christie's Pension Changes
  New Jersey Gov. Calls for Huge Pension Reform
  Comptroller announces 2012 pension rate increases to cities.
  NYS retirement fund contribution rates increase in 2012
  States pension loan plan criticized!!
  Low pension returns may Soak taxpayers!!!
  Battle Looms Over Huge Costs of Public Pensions
  NYS Pension System Rated top in the US
  Pension System Will Permit Municipalities Borrow Against the Pension Fund
  Pension Results Up 26%
  Minneapolis Retirees Ordered to Pay Back $76M
  AG Cuomo Legislation to Reform the State Pension Fund
  Tier 5 PENSION REFORM Legislation Dec. 2009
  Legislation to Create a 13-Member Board
  OSC Pension Rates from 1979-2009
  OSC Pension Update 9-3-09
  Pension News Across the USA
  Facing Up to America's Pension Woes!! July 25, 2013
  Here's How Detroit's Bankruptcy Will Actually Work!! July 19, 2013
  Sales Tax Measure to Go on Bankrupt California City's Ballot!! July 10, 2013
  Bankrupt Cities Across the US 6-10-13
  Stockton, CA bankruptcy trial has big stakes!! 3-26-2013
  St. Louis aldermen pass mayor's last firefighter pension bill!! 7-17-2012
  Challenge to pension reform moves forward 6-21-12
  Illnois Gov. Quinn signs law to end free state retiree health care!! 6-21-2012
  Ohio Senate Endorses Massive Overhaul of Pension Systems!! May 17, 2012
  Michigan Senate may vote today to dump pensions for new teachers!! 5-17-2012
  States scaling back worker pensions to save money !! May 2-2012
  States scaling back worker pensions to save money !! 5-1-2012
  Why Houston Should Care About Public Pension Reform in Rhode Island!! May 2012
  Providence police, fire retirees: 'No choice' but to sue over pension changes!! 5-2-12
  Retiree health care changes to save $802 million!! 4-22-12
  Illinois governor proposes raising employee pension contributions, retirement age!! 4-20-12
  Providence Bankruptcy Seen as Unavoidable on Budget Gap!! 3-28-12
  New Ideas on Pensions: Use States!! 3-26-12
  Providence begins pension-cut talks with police, fire retirees!! 3-26-12
  Courts Block Efforts at Public Pension Change!! 2-15-2012
  Firefighters, St. Louis officials target disability benefits!! 3-6-2012
  Stockton's Sad Tale!!! 3-1-2012
  Mayor defends pension cuts to city’s retirees!! 3-4-12
  Retired public employees could see pension checks cut by up to 7 percent!! 3-4-12
  Public and private pension plans can't fund retirement!! 2-25-12
  Providence retirees may face 73% haircut in bankruptcy!! 2-22-12
  Congress Targets Federal Workers for Savings!! 2-22-12
  Congress Targets Federal Workers for Savings!! 2-22-12
  GOP lawmakers introduce Gov. Jerry Brown’s pension plan — without Brown!! 2-22-12
  San Diego tackles municipal pensions!! 2/21/2012
  Pension Puffery Here are 12 half-truths that deserve to be debunked in 2012!! 2-7-12
  States of Bankruptcy!! 7-30-2011
  Mayor: Providence is facing bankruptcy!! 2-2-2012
  CalPERS 2011 return below its assumed rate by 6.65 percentage points!! 1-23-12
  Rhode Island's Landmark Pension Reforms!! 12-8-11
  Lawsuit seeks to invalidate 2 key Ore. Supreme Court decisions for state pension benefits!! 12-5-11
  Bankruptcy Rarely Offers Easy Answer for Counties!! 11-10-11
  Pension agency for 44M may seek bailout!! 11-15-11
  Municipal bankruptcy in Alabama: Will other local governments follow suit? 11-11-11
  Fears grow over US pension crisis as Rhode Island's debts are laid bare!! 11-16-11
  U.S. Postal Service overpayment money eyed to spur early retirement!! 11-2-11
  Facing Downgrade to Junk, California Tries Pension Reform!! 10-28-2011
  The Little State With a Big Mess
  Montana's public employee pension problem worsens!! 10-11-11
  Lawmakers look for pension loophole fix!! 10-12-11
  Pennsylvania state capital files for bankruptcy protection!! 10-14-11
  R.I. high court is asked to overturn ruling that public employees have a contractual right to pension benefits! !0-5-2011
  Rhode Island State Treasurer Raimondo tells Senate pension situation is grave. 9-13-2011
  The Costs of COLAs 9-13-2011
  States versus public employee unions!! 9-5-11
  Across U.S., public unions under fire this Labor Day!! 9-5-11
  N.J. unions, public workers sue to stop pension, benefits overhaul!! 9-1-11
  Connecticut Workers Approve Contract They Had Rejected!! 8-18-2011
  Pentagon Considering Scrapping Traditional Pensions in its Proposed Retirement Program Overhaul!! 8-15-11
  Miami Declares ‘Financial Urgency’ as It Moves to Cut Worker Pay, Benefits!! 8-16-11
  Faltering Rhode Island City Tests Vows to Pensioners!! 8-13-11
  Loss of Bankrupycy Card Would Weaken Cities' Hand!! 8-2-11
  Gov. McDonnell Warns of Needed Changes to State Pension Plans!! 7-22-2011
  City police, fire disability payments top $8M a year! 7-21-2011
  City of Rhode Island Asks Retirees To Sacrifice!! 7-19-2011
  A Small City's Depleted Pension Fund Rattles Rhode Island 7-11-11
  State, local pension accounting takes GASB step toward transparency 7-8-2011
  Atlanta's Pension Debt!!! 7-7-2011
  Public pension problem could be shrinking: Survey 6-8-2011
  Public employee retirement funds rise, but not enough!! 7-4-2011
  California Police & Firefighters Under Attack! 6-30-2011
  Two Rulings Find Cuts in Public Pensions Permissible 6-30-2011
  PA House Passes Pension Overhaul Bill
  N.J. changes pensions & benefits to public workers! 6-21-2011
  New Jersey Pension, Benefit Changes Approved!! 6-17-2011
  Federal workers late to feel pension pinch!! 5-21-2011
  KC's police retirees aren't getting lavish pensions!! 5-14-2011
  Federal pension proposals!!! 5-16-2011
  MA attacks collective bargaining!! 4-28-11
  Nest egg is missing for N.J. public worker retirees: 4-26-11
  Editorial: Change pensions for current state workers 4-28-11
  RI pension fund in worst shape of all, Pew suggests: 4-26-11
  Pew Center on the United States: Wisconsin pension system among most solvent in nation.
  The Trillion Dollar Gap Grows Wider! 4-27-11
  State Pensions & Retiree Health Benefits: The Trillion Dollar Gap 4-27-11
  The Pensions America Can't Afford!! 2-25-11
  Health of pension fund depends on confidence!! 4-22-11
  Florida governor backs defined contribution shift!!! 4-14-11
  Arizona Passes pension reforms!!! 4-19-11
  Pawtucket active teachers increase retirees health benefit cost!!
  States liability for pensions increases 27% in Rhode Island 4-15-14
  Do public employees get a better deal? It depends!!
  5 large states, 5 different paths to fix budgets!
  Fla. House panel OKs worker pension contributions
  House bill to raise retirement age! 3-17-11
  Harrisburg's crisis tests Pennsylvania!!! 9-2-11
  Health Insurance News Articles
  Obamacare Fallout: Memphis Retired Police & Firefighters Left With No Insurance!! 7/17/2014
  City Retirees Suing Over Health Benefits 7/2/2014
  White Plains Retirees 2/18/2013
  Unions, heal thyselves: The perils of ‘free’ health care!! June 24, 2013
  Reforming Retiree Rx!!! 9-10-12
  Iceberg Ahead The Hidden Cost of Public-Sector Retiree Health Benefits in New York!! 9-5-12
  Syracuse faces highest retiree healthcare costs in the state!! 9-5-12
  New York’s health-care time bomb!! 9-7-12
  North Castle retirees to pay benefit costs!! 7-7-2012
  State retirees ask judge to roll back health insurance increase!! 5-24-2012
  With fiscal crisis looming, Syracuse officials want workers, retirees to pay more for health care!! 3-19-2012
  NY Retiree Group Sues over Increase in Health Benefit Costs!! 12-8-11
  NY Unions File Lawsuit Over Retiree Healthcare Increase !! 12-30-11
  Andrew & the unions!!! 12-30-11
  Bloomberg administration eyes health care hike for city employees, despite unions' resistance: 10-26-11
  White Plains wins 1st battle over police retiree benefits!! 7-14-2011
  SUNY to hike health costs!~! 5-10-2011
  Levy wants county workers to pay for health care!! 5-18-2011
  Council 82 deal could be a retiree problem!!
  Unfair: City Workers' Health Freebies
  NYSHIP premium cost increased!!
  White Plains Retirees Win in Fedeeral Court!!
  White Plains Retirees May Sue Over Health Benefits!!!
  White Plains retirees file court action to save health benefits!!
  News Concerns
  Broke cities beg Gov dime & dime again!!!
  A nation gone Yonkers!!! 9-16-2012
  Eye on NY: New coalition to focus on state constitutional reform!! 2-5-12
  Day of Reckoning
  Lawmakers Resist Bankruptcy for US States 2-15-2011
  Tier 6 Proposal May Be on Tap!!!!
  The James Zadroga Health & Compensation Act 12/23/2010
  Let the failing states Go Bankrupt
  Fire Fighter Pay Questioned!
  Report: N.Y. faces $205B in unfunded retirement benefits.
  White Plains Retirees Win in Federal Court!!
  Cuomo Runs for Governor wants a Constitutional Convention
  $8 Billion Benefits Bombshell!!!!
  Small Step in Pension Reform
  Scarsdale PBA Needs Our Help!!!!
  Medicare Rates Nursing Homes
  Tier 6 / Pension Reform 3-15-2012
  State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli Statement on Tier VI * 3-17-2012
  Tier 6 / Pension Reform legislation S6735 / A9558 3-15-12
  To All PCNY Members 3-15-2012
  Landmark bill will save city $22 billion in public employee pension costs!! 3-15-2012
  New York Lawmakers Vote to Limit Public Pensions
  Tier 5 Pension Reform signed into law: 12/10/2009
  Operation Support Our Troops 2015
  Dr. Bonnie Eilen - In Charge of OSOT - White Plains, NY
  Veteran Affairs
  Veteran Affairs "Aid and Attendance Pension!! 8-20-12
  USN Ship New York
  New York sails to war!! 3-2132012
  New hotos of the USN hip New York
  USS New York
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  NYPFRA Constitution and By-Laws
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  Cuomo Calls for a Constitutional Convention
  2010 Legislation calling for a Constitutional Convention
  Unions Out to Head Off State Constitution Convention That Could Erode Benefits! 11-16-2010
  Medicare Reimbursement
  You Must enroll in Medicare when eligible!!
  Medicare Premiums: Rules For Higher-Income Beneficiaries for 2023
  Tier 6 Information
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  HR-218 Federal Law
  Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements Oct. 2010
  NYC PBA Opinion
  International Treaty on Gun Control!!!
  2013 HR 218 Qualifications
  Legal Decisions
  Retired Utica FF's Win In Court
  Medicare Part B Reimbursement for Retirees Decided on 11-25-09
  Longevity-Newburgh 207a Retirees Win Case
  NYS Law Reprting Bureau - Offical Reports
  Ridge Road FD 207a Decision
  Lockport 207a Benefits
  Physician vs. Psychologist
  Emergency vehicles case!!!
  Matter of McGowan v Fairview Fire Dist. Decided on May 13, 2008
  The United Healthcare Case !!! Feb. 3, 2012
  Medicare Reimbursement - State of New York
  Victory Today in Appellate Divsion on what is a 3/4 accident July 17, 2013
  Retired Public Employees Assoc. Court Decision on Health Insurance Contribution!! Dec. 2012
  White Plains Retired Fire Fighters Loose Abritration!! 2-18-2013
  City Retirees Suing Over Health Benefits 7/2/2014
  Schenectady Ruling Still a Huge Impact
  Gun Owners Update
  Big Brother's New Target - Tracking Firearms
  Old Federal Legislation Not in this Congress
  National Right-to-Carry Bill in US House
  Gun Registration & Ownership Tax Bill Introduced in NYS Senate
  Westchester Cnty.Firearm Owners Assoc. Files Federal Lawsuit!!!
  HR 822 National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act Dec. 2011
  United Nations Arms Trade Treaty
  Coalition of Attorneys General Urge Passage of National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity!! May 18, 2012
  Sen. Moran and 50 Senators: Second Amendment Rights are not Negotiable!!! July 26, 2012
  Gun map publishers get support!! 1-10-13
  Guide to The New York Safe Act for NYS Police
  DOCUMENT: Full text of New York's new gun-control law (called the NY SAFE Act) 2013
  H.R. 847 The James Zadroga Act
  H.R. 847: James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010
  Mayor nixes union plan to use reserve cash on wages instead of pension!! 2-4-12
  The HELPS Retiree Act
  Federal Legislation to Correct the HELPS ACT
  Sports & Recreation
  Social Security & Medicare Information
  How To Increase Your Social Security!!
  Recipients screwed by new SS formula.
  Ignore the fear-mongering on Social Security
  Ten Things to Know About Social Security!!!
  Social Security nears 75th anniversary!!
  Getting Started!!!
  Filing for Disability 1st Steps!!
  SS Suspends Annual Statements
  Myth of the $247 Medicare Part B Premium!!
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