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January 21, 2020
Many Accomplishments Since 1978

     Right from the beginning in 1978 the NYPFRA was lobbying and working with legislators in Albany to continue the pension supplementation benefit to retirees, which had to be passed every two years and signed into law.  In addition, over the years there were improvements to the supplementation benefits that we worked to accomplish with other retiree associations.   

     In 1993 when Carl McCall became the NYS Comptroller after Edward Regan resigned, we worked closely with the Comptroller and his staff.  We supported the Comptroller when he sued Governor Cuomo and Pataki for their raids on your pension fund in 1993 and 1995 and both cases were won, returning millions to the retirement fund.

    In 2000 working with the governor, comptroller and legislature we were able to help pass the now historic Permanent COLA Legislation which has helped many retirees and will be there for future retirees.  And we are continually supporting legislation to increase the COLA benefits.

    In 2004 we stood along side NYS Comptroller Allen Hevesi at a major press conference in Albany.  The Comptroller announced he would bring legal action against Governor Pataki If he acted on his proposed changes to the pension fund, the governor did not act.

     Since 1995 we have lobbied  with other retiree groups to pass health insurance protection legislation which would protect that benefit.  Ask yourself, "How important is that issue?"  This legislation was passed in 1999, 2004, 2005 and 2006 which Governor Pataki vetoed each year. 

      In 2007 this legislation was improved and passed by the legislature and vetoed by Governor Spitzer.  But Governor Spitzer was establishing a Task Force to review retiree health benefits and to come up with protective legislation.  

   In 2008 the state budget was just passed and we not sure of Governor Paterson's position on our health insurance protection legislation as governor, but a a NYS Senator he had voted to support all of our previous bills.  The current health insurance protection bill S6648 / A 9895 which we helped to draft with the NYSPFFA and was supported by PCNY and NYSFOP is currently in committee.

   In 2009 Health Insurance Protection Legislation S5543/A7060 was drafted. It prohibits the diminution of health insurance benefits of public employee retirees and their dependents or reducing the employer's contributions for such insurance as of May 1, 2010; defines employers to include the state, municipalities, school districts, and public authorities and commissions. 

   At this time the legislation is in the Senate Civil Service & Pensions Committee and the Assembly Governmental Employees Committee.  It is expected to be moved out of the Senate Committee on June 2, 2009.

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